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All classes run on monthly tuition. Tuition is charged AUTOMATICALLY every month on the 5th, according to our tuition scale. A late fee of $15 is applied when tuition is not paid by the 10th of each month. Tuition will be charged to the card you have assigned as default to your account. You may change this card number in your parent portal. Students who do not pay tuition will not be allowed to attend class. The Hive requires a 30-day notice for all class cancellations. This means tuition will be charged for one more pay cycle once notice is given. If you have a credit card on file, you will be charged a 3% fee each time your card processes. If you have an ACH, there is no fee applied. Tuition is posted on the parent portal. 

Tuition and fees are non-refundable 

Tuition 2024-2025 

$60 a month per class

Additional classes receive $5 discount 

$5 Sibling Discount 

Costume/Recital Fees December 2023

Costume fees are between $65 per class

$25 Recital fee per student

Tuition/Policies: About


Breaks/No Classes: We follow the Jordan School District schedule and State Holidays
No dance will be held on those days! Tution is not pro rated due to Holidays.

Dress Code: We don't have a strict dress code. This being said we do expect appropriate clothing and dance attire. No street clothes or pajamas.
Preschool class: Will need pink ballet shoes
Hip Hop: Sneakers need to be worn every class
Ballet Class: Black Leotard and pink ballet tights they will be ballet shoes
Company teams must wear ballet attire in ballet class and turners in all other classes

​Drop off/Pick up: No parents are allowed to watch due to space and distraction. Drop off and pick up only! Pick up is in the back of the building. Cars go south-north and pull to the curb

Code of Conduct: 
-Teachers and students will be treated with respect at all times.
-Only students are allowed in their class, no observers.
-No food, gum, or drinks allowed in the studio
-All students must adhere to the dress code.
-All tuition and fees must be paid by the set due dates.

Recital date will be announced as soon we know. We have two recitals a year. (December & June) We cannot work around anyone’s schedule with this date.

Tuition/Policies: About
Tuition/Policies: Welcome
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